Power to the address book

An overview of how Plaxo uses data.

The following is an overview of how Plaxo uses data. For a more detailed description of how Plaxo uses data, you should read our privacy policy.

TRUSTe reviewed how Plaxo uses data

How you can control sharing of your own contact info

  • Plaxo members can share their contact info with others using our contact card sharing and profile features. You can decide what info Plaxo shares (e.g. name, photo, birthday, emails, phone numbers, mailing addresses) and with whom Plaxo shares it (e.g., only with specific contacts, groups of contacts, or public).
  • Plaxo Personal Assistant suggests updates to the contact info contained within its subscribers' address books. Anyone, whether a Plaxo member or not, can prevent Plaxo from suggesting updates regarding their own contact info by opting out of Personal Assistant.

How you can control what email we send you

  • We do not spam our users or support the efforts of spammers. You can review our spam policy and report any occurrences of spam to abuse@plaxo.com.
  • If you're a Plaxo member we enable you to choose which emails you receive from us and to which email address mail is sent.
  • If you're not a Plaxo member but would rather not receive Plaxo notification emails from our members alerting you to their new contact information, use our non-member opt out.

How Plaxo Personal Assistant makes suggestions

  • One of Plaxo Personal Assistant's main goals is to provide its subscribers with suggestions for updated contact information for the people already in its subscribers' address books.
  • Plaxo acquires contact info for these suggestions from a variety of publicly available data sources. We then determine which portions of that info to suggest based on a number of factors, including whether other Plaxo users have that contact info in their address books, and whether other Personal Assistant users have accepted or rejected that suggested contact info in the past.
  • Suggested contact info only comes from publicly available data sources. It does not come from any individual Plaxo member's address book.

How you can take your data with you

  • You can export your data using popular standards such as Outlook (CSV) and vCard (VCF).
  • You can sync with a growing list of address books including Microsoft Outlook for PC and Mac, Entourage, Mac OS, Gmail / Google Mail, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.
  • While we're always sad to see someone choose to leave our service, you can delete your account at any time.