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We can tell you how much more convenient, organized and efficient your life can be by using Plaxo—but we thought you might like to hear what some of our customers are saying…

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Klaus Bjarner Pedersen

Photographer at Gaffa Media LLC, Switzerland

Thank you @Plaxo - your automated backup just saved my entire address book, which was destroyed by a MobileMe sync error. Recovered in 5 sec.

Bob Bacon

VP, Sales Ops at OpenWave, USA

I’ve been a Plaxo user for many years but it wasn’t until I acquired a smart phone that I realized their full capability. I now have my desktop, laptop and Android phone all linked to synchronize my Outlook contacts and calendar. I travel frequently on business but it doesn’t matter where I am or which technology I happen to be using, when I need a phone number or have to check my schedule, all three instances are consistently accurate.
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Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak

President at Promessa Organic, Sweden

I like Plaxo and I have been a Premium member for many years :-) Keep up the good work, I love what you do, you make my daily life so much better.

David Feller

Founder & CEO at Yummly, USA

I finally have my contacts syncing across multiple Gmail accounts, Mac Address Book, iPhone, iPad and iCloud. Thank you Plaxo.
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Craig Elias

Creator of Trigger Event Selling™ at Shift Selling, Inc., USA

Using Plaxo to stay informed of job changes can be one of the best ways for sales people to find new customers. A single change event can trigger three different sales opportunities:
  • Your contact that changed – where did they go?
  • Your contact that changed – who took their place?
  • The person who took their place – where did they come from?

Marcos Arino

F9C Security, Brazil

I have been using Plaxo for a lot of years. It is the best tool for keeping and sharing contacts.
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Coral Kline

Broker Agent at Keller Williams Realty, USA

Thanks to Plaxo, I now have the same contacts in my home PC, my laptop and my iPhone. What’s more, I have no more duplicates and everything gets updated and synced through the Internet. Now it’s how I always wanted it to be but I didn’t have the tools or knowledge to do it.

Luhra Tivis

Writer and Artist, USA

@Plaxo Love you guys. You're the greatest!
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David Griffith

Principal and Co-Founder at Social Media University, USA

@Plaxo Wow. Thanks for the shout out. I've been a user of #Plaxo forever. I'm thinking since about 2004 or 2005 or so. Always loved it.

Theanna Harding Zika

Owner of Heavenly Helpers Home Care, USA

I am a total NOVICE when it comes to stuff like this and I did it in about 5 minutes! The actual syncing took about 20 seconds and I had over 300 contacts! Very cool!
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Chris Grosvenor

Hong Kong

Just started using #Plaxo today. It is really useful. Good job guys.

Michael Jelacic

Developer at Kodak, USA

@Plaxo is really starting to shape up well. Finally have a contact list without duplicates accessible anywhere with mobile apps and sync.
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Courtney Bolton

UX Digital Product Designer at Courtney Bolton, Creative Services, USA

@Plaxo Your service is great. Thank you!

Robert Slinn

Chemistry Researcher at University of Liverpool, UK

I love Plaxo for syncs, address book contacts and communication, and now having an iPhone, I find Plaxo is superb for mobile communications.

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