Power to the address book
Plaxo Personal Assistant
Proactively searches 24/7 to ensure that your address book is constantly updated with all of the most current information available for your contacts.
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Intelligently updates inaccurate info

Recognizes outdated contact info, intelligently sources updates, and recommends changes for a more valuable address book.

Proactively completes missing details

Assists in completing your address book by identifying partial entries and proactively locating current information to fill in gaps.

Automatically monitors your address book 24/7

Keeps your address book contacts complete, up-to-date and reliable 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.

To learn more about our data usage practices including how our Personal Assistant suggests contact info updates, please read our FAQ.

Additional Features

  • Change tracking
  • 24/7 VIP customer support (phone, chat, or email)
  • Premium eCards – $19.95 value
Plus, You get all the features and benefits of Plaxo Basic
Platinum Sync
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Plaxo Platinum Sync

Sync your address book with the communication tools you use every day.

  • Live, 2-way synchronization.
  • Access from any sync’d source.
  • Address book & calendar sync.

Sync with:

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