Power to the address book

Get Connected Without the Clutter.

Make sharing and receiving contact info quick and easy with Plaxo.

Rid your wallet or purse of all that litter! You never have to carry or collect stacks of business cards again with Plaxo Contact CardSharing. Plaxo gives you full control of how you share info, what info you share, with whom it's shared and how it's shared with you.

Mobile CardSharing

When you're on the go you can send your most up-to-date contact information via email, SMS or QR code to your colleagues and friends for quicker connections. In less time than it would take to dig out the paper cards, your new acquaintance can already have your current contact info and a picture - so they'll always remember you!

Online CardSharing

Sharing contact info from your desk or laptop is as simple as sending an email. Plus, now you can easily publish your up-to-date contact info to Facebook, Twitter and online via your own personalized Plaxo URL to keep current across the web. Your contacts can also keep in touch by quickly adding your card to their address book as well.

Collect and Connect Contacts

Invite all your favorite people to Plaxo so you can get their info too - and make staying connected simple. Get contact info synced to your smartphone, Outlook, Mac, Google, Yahoo and Plaxo Contact lists without additional work. Share your professional business card online with just a couple of clicks to take the work out of networking.