Power to the address book

With Plaxo and Facebook, never forget a face or a birthday.

Facebook comes to your Plaxo address book.

We've expanded our popular Facebook Contact Photo feature to now include birthdays as well. Automatically importing Facebook friends' birthdays and profile pictures to your address book just got super easy!

With Plaxo and Facebook together, you'll never miss a birthday and you'll never forget a face. Plaxo will constantly update your address book with new birthdays and photos from Facebook. Plus, send eCards through Facebook.

You'll get automatic birthday reminders, so you can send eCards to show you care. Or, since you can see their Facebook profile picture, you can tell even the quietest co-worker in person. It's also easy to keep in touch with friends or rekindle business relationships.

Automatically get photos and birthdays from Facebook.

Plaxo will never add any information to Facebook from your address book and will always give you the option to disconnect from Facebook.

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