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Gary Jesch

Digital Puppeteer, CHOPS & Assoc. Live Animation

Drop by for a visit to www.chops.com and you'll see a body of work that including 15 years of working with live real-time animated characters, starting with Virtual Mark Twain in 1993. Even though we have brought these digital actors and virtual characters to tradeshows and corporate meetings for years, it's rare to find someone who has had the experience of interacting with one. So that keeps it interesting. Recently we are starting to branch out to serve new customers in the theme park industry and at permanent installations. Our first permanent installation in the US is soon to open at the McDermont Field House recreation center in Lindsay CA. And you can see our first installation which is in the Philippines at the SM Science Discovery Center in Manila - check that one out on YouTube. I'm interested in networking with people in the tradeshow industry, corporate meetings and special events, as well as those in the theme park industry, for the purpose of getting word out about my artwork in the practice of performance animation. It would be great to share this with folks in the Educational niche also, as I really love working with kids and they just go nuts over this type of show.

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