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Cliff Treadaway

Retired, None

Last worked at Bill's Dollar Stores...prior Jobs include Manager of Gonzales Pottery, Regional Manager Sally Beauty Supply, District Manager Maxway/Super 10's, Pope Dollar Stores, District and Store Manager Eckerd Drugs, independant consultant. Trained in Behavioral Management, Strategic Planning, Advertising and Marketing, Safety Training, Dale Carnegie, Store Design and Application (University of Mississippi). ESTJ / ENTJ on Minnesotta Multiphasic Psychologic and Behavioral Analysis. Right in the middle of these two.

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    (601) 992-0111

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  • Home Address

    426 Bradford Drive
    Brandon, MS 39047
    Rankin County MS, USA

  • Home IM

    Cliff@treadaway.org (MSN)

    clifftreadaway@yahoo.com (Yahoo)

  • facebook.com/Clifford Treadaway

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