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Kenneth Stepp


I have been getting involved in ethics reform in my area. This involves getting into the political arena a little as well. I'm really enjoying it. Meeting some great people. =================================================== I spent 20 years as an independent investigator . Mostly working with federal or in some cases local agencies, nothing domestic. I now volunteer my time and talents to help find missing children. =================================================== Business Sales & Marketing, Social Media Building, Writing, Publisher/Contributor with Google =================================================== I have had more than a little success in business. Always number one in B2B or retail. I led my sales team to the number one rating Dunn & Bradstreet has 5 years in a row . Also the top 1.4% in the US. Retail sales and sales management are gifts, business growth, business repair. Business rescue professional. I'm gifted in building team and relationships in business. =================================================== Social Media Reach =================================================== 1.Top 5% Profile on Linkedin 2012 =================================================== 2.Top Tumblr blog in US twice =================================================== 3.Top Tumblr blog in the world once =================================================== 4.Top 3% on Twitter =================================================== 5.Over 2.5 million views Youtube =================================================== 6.Between 45k & 60k Georgians =================================================== Private & Executive Protection =================================================== I was a professional investigator with a bodyguard and security background. I have friends in almost every government agency in Georgia, and most federal agencies. I'm trained in advance sweeps, surveillance and counter surveillance of all kinds. I was a heavyweight boxer for over 4 years and worked for some very high profile clients in the past. I have been tested many times. I am self taught in cyber forensics, hacking, and finding information others cannot. I have worked for federal agencies locating people who pose danger to elected officials, etc. I have great verbal skills and can fit into any environment. I will see what most do not. I am on no lists ,clubs, or in any publications. My clients usually need that for anonymity purposes. I can pass a background check or anything else my client should need. I do hold a valid passport, and a conceal carry permit. High profile or invisible. I have just about retired from hunting people. The skills I learned has helped in other pursuits. =================================================== PrivateProtectors@yahoo.com =================================================== k@kstepp.com =================================================== (404) 944-8800 Local =================================================== (800) 944-0361 Toll Free ===================================================(800) 881-7875 Fax =================================================== www.endofwatch.org Our Memorial Site =================================================== www.offdutydepot.com Rent a Real Cop =================================================== www.cyeyes.com Cyber Security (coming soon)

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