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Cohocton Watch

Publisher, Cohocton Wind Watch

Cohocton Wind Watch is a community citizen organization dedicated to preserve the public safety, property values, economic viability, environmental integrity and quality of life in Cohocton, NY and in surrounding townships. Neighbors committed to public service in order to achieve a reasonable vision for a Finger Lakes region worthy of future generations. Cohocton Wind Watch Facebook http://companies.to/cohoctonwindwatch/ CWW - Interactive Community http://www.cohoctonwatch.org/ Cohocton Wind Watch Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cohoctonwindwatch/ Groupsplus - Risks of Industrial Wind Turbines http://apps.facebook.com/groupsplus/group.php?id=3157 Citizen Power Alliance http://citizenpoweralliance.com/ Citizen Power Alliance Blog http://citizenpoweralliance.org/ Citizen Power Alliance Facebook http://companies.to/citizenpoweralliance1/

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    (585) 534-5581

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    PO Box 638
    Naples, NY 14512

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    cohoctonwindwatch@gmail.com (GTalk)

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