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Chris Chickering

Singer/Songwriter; Founder, Music for Positive Change™ & Guru Authority™

SINGER-SONGWRITER FOUNDER, MUSIC FOR POSITIVE CHANGE™; Chris Chickering is a singer-songwriter whose deepest wish is for you to truly embrace and live in your greatness. Chris founded Music for Positive Change™ in order to actualize his vision of music as a powerful force for personal transformation. His lifelong passion for personal growth and self-actualization has inspired him to write and perform songs with empowering lyrics that integrate folk, rock and world music influences. His songs and live performances, which are grounded in his own struggles and insights, can raise people’s spirits and change outdated attitudes. “CHRIS’ MUSIC CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN SO MANY POSITIVE WAYS.” – BOB PROCTOR, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR AND STAR OF “THE SECRET” Chris’ view of music as a catalyst for personal development emerged from his involvement in humanistic psychology. Chris received a BA in English and Drama, studied psychology and hypnosis as a post-graduate, and spent many years passionately exploring different types of conscious media, including books, audio and video programs, and seminars related to self-actualization. In 2007, Chris founded Guru Authority™, the world’s #1 talent agency representing personal and professional development experts and the distribution channels that sell their products. Utilizing his unparalleled expertise, Chris helped these experts, working within the areas of health, wealth, spirituality and relationships, skyrocket their profits and expand their reach through lucrative joint venture partnerships, generating millions of dollars in revenue while connecting thousands of everyday people with extraordinary resources that would help them live the lives they deserve. “HIS MESSAGE FOCUSES ON WHAT WE CAN ALL DO TO MAKE THINGS BETTER.” – THE MINDFUL WORD MAGAZINE Now, guided by a calling to share his story, touch people at the heart level and inspire real, lasting change in the world, he is focusing on writing, producing and performing universally appealing songs of empowerment to audiences worldwide. Enlightened yet humbled by his own trials and tribulations, Chris likes to remind his audiences that when it comes to self-discovery, the joy is always in the journey. Awareness is a process that unfolds over a lifetime; however, major shifts can happen with every new insight that we stumble upon. Chris’s ultimate message is clear: “Wake up! No matter who you are, or what your life circumstances, it’s never too late to manifest and live out your dreams.” In 2012 Chris released his first studio album, SHINE with two-time Emmy Award winning producer Ron Cohen. “Shine” features nine new, original songs as well as Cat Stevens’ classic ballad, “Father and Son.” “CHRIS’ VISION AND OUR EMOTIONAL CONNECTION LEAD TO EXTRAORDINARY SONGS. IT’S AN HONOR TO BE A PART OF SOMETHING THAT HELPS PEOPLE CHANGE THEIR LIVES.” – GREG BARNHILL Following that, he then wrote 37 songs with Grammy-nominated (“Walkaway Joe”), Emmy award-winning (“Your Day is Today”) songwriter Greg Barnhill for Chris’ second studio album, LIVING IN THE NOW. “Living In The Now” (Release: October, 2013) was engineered by Mills Logan (who has worked with Toby Keith, Taylor Swift, and Art Garfunkle) and features 14 new, original songs. Chris kicked off 2014 with full band rehearsals and regional touring. In the spring, he and Greg Barnhill wrote 19 more songs, and teamed up with engineer Greg Bieck (who has worked with Christina Aguilera, Kenny G, and Daryl Hall & John Oates) for his third studio album, THE RESURRECTION OF ME. The Resurrection of Me features 10 new, original songs and is set for worldwide release on November 4th, 2014. Aside from his artistic endeavors, Chris is also a philanthropist. He has established a scholarship that gives underprivileged youths an opportunity to attend the Hyde Schools, private boarding schools for high school students that focus on the development of character and actualizing one’s inner potential. These schools have been featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20 and within the New York Times. Chris was born in New York City and grew up in San Francisco. In his spare time he enjoys working out, yoga, performing sleight-of-hand magic, and hiking with his dog Chili in the beautiful mountains of his hometown, Santa Fe, New Mexico. To learn more about Chris Chickering and the mission of Music for Positive Change™, WATCH THIS VIDEO: www.ChrisChickering.com/Mission FOUNDER, GURU AUTHORITY™ Chris Chickering founded Guru Authority, the world’s top talent agency for personal and professional development experts and the distribution networks that sell their products. Since 2006, Chris has lived on the frontlines of the new Internet economy securing highly profitable online joint venture partnerships for over 100 companies who own high traffic sites, call centers & enewsletters in the personal development niche. As a result he’s personally driven over $35MM in gross client revenues, and connected hundreds of thousands of everyday people with extraordinary resources to help them live the lives they deserve. Sought after for his unparalleled expertise as a personal development industry insider and product endorsement specialist Chris speaks at top Internet conferences on the topic “Cracking The Joint Venture Code."

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