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Martin Darbyshir

Freelance Digital Media Artist, HYPERBREED® MEDIA

HYPERBREED® MEDIA; (Independent Digital Media Artist, Martin Darbyshir) provides customized, affordable digital media solutions for companies, organizations and individuals. Specializing in post production, dvd production, videography, photography, web/graphic design, rich media content creation, and targeted online marketing exposure via promotion across social media networks. Available for weddings, parties, sports or live music events, advertising, promotional, real estate, or any kind of photo or video shoot on short notice in and around Seattle. Over 10 years experience producing a wide variety of digital media across a broad spectrum of industries, for publishing and distribution over the web, tv broadcast, print, dvd, and multimedia presentations. Standard rates & info » PHOTO capture at events 75/hr. VIDEO capture at events 100/hr. PLEASE NOTE: rates are flexible! For all day/night events, a flat fee is typically negotiated; determined on a case by case basis. Additional transport costs will be added to the total if travel outside Seattle is necessary.

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    Seattle, WA, 98118 USA

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    Seattle, WA 98118

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    mdarbyshir@hotmail.com (MSN)


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    HYPERBREED (Skype)

  • facebook.com/hyperbreed

  • @hyperbreed

  • linkedin.com/in/hyperbreedmedia

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