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I'm a keen amateur photographer who would like to eventually combine photography with my other interests of travelling, cycling and pencil drawing. I currently work on projects in the telecoms industry but do make sure I take some time out for my photography. My main genres are landscapes, nature, animals, events and sport.

Along with photography I also work in Photoshop; manipulating and tidying photo for myself and others.

My photography has been used by various people and companies, such as a outside broadcasting firm, a major credit card/bank and one photo was in the running to be a Royal Mail stamp in the UK.

I used to work in the computer games industry in various roles, I'm also into music, movies, sports like rugby and football, computer games, web development, art, tech and science, science-fiction and social networking services like Google+r.

If you are interested in using my photos or my services please contact me.
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