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Richi Jennings posted a blog entry Aug 10, 2011

Anonymous to kill Facebook on account of privacy

[Updated with more reaction from around the Web] The Anonymous hacker collective has vowed to kill Facebook on account of privacy -- or at least some of them have. On the auspicious date of November 5 -- the day Guy Fawkes tried to destroy Parliament -- Mark Zuckerberg's baby will apparently... more »

Richi Jennings added a photo on Picasa Aug 9, 2011

Richi Jennings posted a blog entry Aug 9, 2011

2011 London riots cause BlackBerry BBM rethink

[Updated with more RIPA legal info] The London riots and looting spree have caused British police to turn to Research In Motion (TSE:RIM)(NASDAQ:RIMM) for help. It's emerged that a hard core of rioters were coordinating via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). In IT Blogwatch, bloggers ponder the true... more »

Richi Jennings posted a blog entry Aug 8, 2011

Fury as #AntiSec dumps 10GB of sheriffs' private data

AntiSec hackers have leaked 10GB of private data from sheriffs' offices. The loose group, allied to the 4chan-spinoffs Anonymous and LulzSec, stated they did it in revenge for recent arrests of their friends. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers blog it for the lulz. Not to mention: OMG ponies glitch... more »

Richi Jennings If @ReferralKey thinks I'm going to sign up at a website offering so little information about his service, he must think I'm mad Aug 6, 2011 via Twitter

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